Regional Clinical Director PT International

  POSITION SUMMARY: The Regional Clinical Director drives the region's clinical practice by promoting consistent and efficient evidence-based practice in patient identification, comprehensive assessment using standardized tests and/or objective measures, patient-centered intervention in order to achieve targeted clinical outcomes. The Regional Clinical Director develops and strategically directs the region in clinical analysis, education, training, and tactical planning in order to ensure the provision of quality care across all disciplines. The Regional Clinical Director serves as a clinical expert and provides leadership and focus for the clinical operations in the region and organization, in their discipline and respective specialty practice areas. The Regional Clinical Director utilizes an analytical process to guide clinical operations within the region and organization in the identification and implementation of clinical service delivery, programs, and initiatives. RESPONSIBILITIES/ACCOUNTABILITIES: 1. Influences the clinical practice of the organization through the ability to motivate others, positive role modeling, and providing leadership to achieve company goals. 2. Proactively provides an assessment, analysis and related plan for improvement for the state of clinical practice at large which includes, but is not limited to, evidence-based practice, best practice guidelines, and appropriate tools and resources to enhance and improve care delivery. 3. Completes root cause analysis in focus centers (those that trigger for clinical operational or quality improvement) and provides direction and leadership of GRS clinical standards and regulatory oversight in the creation of a strategic education plan, implementation plan and clinical quality improvement plan for the center. 4. Analyzes and provides feedback regarding the clinical needs to effectively guide the development of strategic plans that clearly outline clinical practice opportunities when existing plans have not resulted in effective or improved delivery of care that meets GRS standards as evidenced by clinical outcomes. 5. Provides clinical leadership in the ongoing development of clinical processes and improvement plans in focus centers. 6. Provides clinical expertise and leadership to the area/region/organization as necessary to develop an implementation plan, clinical quality improvement and create sustainability of clinical service improvement over time. 7. Analyzes the educational/programmatic training needs of a center/region for accurate identification of clinical growth opportunities that impact GRS standards of care; directs regional leadership in establishing an education plan and provides access to educational resources. Strategically identifies effective modes of delivery for education within all levels of the organization, leveraging resources effectively and responsibly. 8. Supports the region and organization in the development of corporate and regional education; successfully directs regional leadership team in establishing implementation plans to effectively deliver education. Provides education within the region and organization and strategically identifies and develops qualified individuals within the region who demonstrate advanced clinical knowledge and the desire to educate others. 9. Acts as a clinical resource and content expert in the development of regional and corporate education and initiatives; in the following, but not limited to, areas-- interpretation and application of clinical outcomes, clinical operations systems and processes, care delivery model design and implementation. 10. Acts as a clinical resource and expert on discipline-specific standards of practice, codes of ethics, and practice acts which may include clinical specialization, advanced clinical teaching and training, mentoring and professional association representation. 11. Acts as a clinical resource and content expert respective to identified specialty practice areas as it relates to interdisciplinary roles, and is able to access interdisciplinary resources. 12. Participates in and represents Genesis Rehab Services in local, province/state and/or national association activities, models active engagement to GRS leaders and staff provides education to region leadership and passionately communicates regarding benefits of active engagement in these activities. 13. Recognizes the advanced clinical skills of the therapists and engages them in clinical projects based on specialty area as indicated. Provides clinical oversight to the region in the development of individualized professional growth plans in specialized clinical areas to advance clinical growth in the region. 14. Performs documentation audits, QI/QA and case management reviews in center/region as directed to identify specific clinical trends and areas of opportunity in the provision of value based health care services. Provides direction and resources to regional leadership team with specific clinical areas of a QI/QA plan to effectively mitigate risk. 15. Participates in compliance investigations as directed when the investigation requires a specialized skill of the Regional Clinical Director to effectively interpret, analyze and provide guidance to regional leadership to formulate results that are consistent and accurately reflect state/national practice acts/laws and regulatory governing bodies and profession association standards. 16. Participates in collaborative clinical quality improvement initiatives with internal and external customers as directed in order to drive clinical care delivery to the GRS standard (e.g., Peer Survey Teams, mock surveys, etc.). 17. Participates strategically in customer meetings and activities, with a focus on differentiating GRS as a clinical leader. Demonstrates clinical expertise in their own discipline as well as expertise within an interdisciplinary care delivery model. Clearly articulates and demonstrates to business partners the value of GRS philosophy of care, programming and resources. 18. Provides discipline-specific patient care with the intent to model effective assessment and treatment, manage a difficult case or population, facilitate clinical reasoning of clinicians, and in emergency situations to address an unmet patient need. 19. Complies with and promotes adherence to applicable legal requirements, standards, policies and procedures including but not limited to those within the Compliance and Ethics Program, Standard/Code of Conduct, Federal False Claims Act, HIPAA, and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Compliance Responsibilities 1. Complies with and promotes adherence to applicable legal requirements, standards, policies and procedures including but not limited those within the Compliance Process, Standard/Code of Conduct, Federal False Claims Act and HIPAA. 2. Provides leadership and support for the Compliance Process within management area. 3. Ensures timely and accurate reporting and responses to compliance-related issues and monitors the implementation of corrective action plans related to such issues. 4. Ensures that staff participates in orientation and training programs including but not limited to all required compliance courses and relevant policies and procedures, and that such training is properly documented. Participates in compliance and other required training programs. 5. Provides open lines of communication regarding compliance issues within management area and access to the Integrity Line and ensures that retaliation against staff who report suspected incidences of non-compliance does not occur. Promptly reports concerns and suspected incidences of non-compliance to supervisor, Compliance Liaison or to the Compliance Officer via the Integrity Hotline. 6. Participates in monitoring and auditing activities and investigations, and implementing quality assurance and performance improvement processes, as required. 7. Completes performance reviews and determines compensation and promotions based on the accomplishment of established standards that promote adherence to compliance and quality standards. 8. Upholds the GRS Promises: be ethical I will always act with integrity and honesty, and expect others to do the same. I will ensure my actions comply with the standards set forth by our Policies and Procedures Manuals and the Employee Handbook. be respectful I will treat others in the way I would like to be treated. I will appreciate and respect others' beliefs, and I will cherish our diversity. be accountable I will take responsibility for myself in my actions and my quality of work. I will hold others to those same standards. be actively engaged I will make a conscious effort to be an active part of our community. I will check email and RehabCentral regularly to keep up-to-date on important information. I will be aware of the numerous resources available to me as an employee. take pride in my work - my company I will be proud of the work I've done each and every day. I will always represent my company in a positive, professional manner both inside and outside of work. embrace change I understand that change is a necessary part of life. I will approach change with a positive attitude and will work with my team members to overcome any obstacles associated with change. communicate compassionately I will communicate in an appropriate, professional and timely manner. I will strive to be an active listener by making an effort to hear not just the words another person is saying but, more imporČtantly, understand the total message being conveyed. strive for excellence I will continuously work to grow and develop myself as an employee. I will ask for assistance if I need it, and I will be open to receiving feedback from my manager. celebrate I will contribute to a positive work environment where my team members and I enjoy coming to work and celebrating each other's successes. 9. Performs other related duties as required. QUALIFICATIONS: SPECIFIC EDUCATIONAL/VOCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. The Regional Clinical Director will have, at a minimum, a bachelor's degree in physical or occupational therapy or a master's degree in speech language pathology. 2. The Regional Clinical Director must maintain a minimum of one U.S. state therapy license as well as be able to practice occupational therapy per local guidelines while in their international assignment. 3. A Regional Clinical Director will have a minimum of 3 years experience including one year of management/supervisory experience. 4. A record of affiliation and active participation in professional/educational activities and/or national/state professional associations is preferred. 5. Patient care experience within the last 2-3 years is required 290580
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
Less than 5 years

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