Hedge Accounting Analyst

Chatham Financial is an independent financial risk management firm helping clients overcome common yet complex capital markets challenges. Chatham works with over 2,000 clients globally, providing advisory and technology solutions to Corporations, Financial Institutions, Private Equity and Real Estate companies. Since its founding in 1991, Chatham has hedged over $5 trillion notional, helping clients understand and use debt and derivatives as a critical piece of their financial strategy. Chatham is a multiple bottom line firm committed to delivering trust and transparency in the capital markets.

As a purpose-driven organization, we are committed to making a positive impact for our clients, our colleagues, our communities and the capital markets at large. We are an employee-owned, view-neutral services firm, with no affiliation to any financial institution allowing us to serve as independent advisors. Chatham has worked hard to create a distinct work environment that values people, teamwork, integrity and client service. We always strive to do what is right, just and fair, even when no one is looking. We would rather be governed by principles than rules. We believe leadership should be gained through influence and personal character, not by title or tenure. As a result, we have a non-hierarchical, team-oriented organization that is highly collaborative.

This position s primary focus will be to manage the processes related to generating month-end / quarter-end accounting deliverables for clients, assist with testing of proprietary hedge accounting technology, and assist Chatham s hedge accounting consultants in a number of capacities including preparing and reviewing client analyses and deliverables. Many of these processes are automated and leverage a significant amount of proprietary technology. The position will be based in the United States, but the person is expected to be in frequent contact with team members at our offices in the Europe.
  • Facilitate the generation of periodic accounting deliverables for clients
    The Hedge Accounting team provides derivative fair values, journal entries, effectiveness tests, and other deliverables to 150 clients at month-end and 450 clients at quarter-end, and these numbers are expected to continue to grow. These deliverables have very tight deadlines and require a large amount of coordination to prepare and review. Much of this process has been automated by Chatham s technology team but still requires a team member s involvement with respect to coordination and generation of deliverables.
  • Provide assistance to hedge accounting consultants
    In addition to our periodic deliverables that we provide to our clients, our hedge accounting consultants use our technology to prepare transaction specific deliverables, which typically include preparing memos, establishing parameters in our system, and running specific tests on the transaction. The person in this role will provide assistance with either preparing or reviewing these deliverables to help ensure completion.
  • Provide assistance to ChathamDirect SaaS clients
    Provide assistance in supporting the accounting needs of clients on Chatham s risk management technology offering, ChathamDirect. Using ChathamDirect, the person in this role will implement a portion of the client s hedging program on the platform such that the client can use ChathamDirect to manage their derivative portfolio on a go-forward basis. The person in this role will interact with clients and will need to be able to document processes and provide training to clients on an as needed basis.
  • Design and implement streamlined processes
    Gather data from our hedge accounting consultants to understand current processes and areas of risk. Develop improved processes that reduce manual intervention, provide greater efficiency and increased control over data management. The person in this role will need to learn Sql, database structure and data relationships to design and implement tools that maximize efficiency.
  • Software Testing
    Chatham develops a large amount of its technology in-house. This allows a high amount of communication and collaboration between developers and end-users. The technology team releases new software every two weeks. During the two-week development cycles, called sprints, technology must be tested to ensure enhancements do not interfere or break existing functionality. The person in this role will develop intimate knowledge of the hedge accounting system, and will be responsible for testing new and existing functionality and providing valuable input and feedback as part of the software development cycle.


  • 3-5 Years of Accounting, Audit, and/or Operations experience
  • Interest in technology and software development (no IT background required)
  • Strong client-focused communication skills
  • Strong values and work ethics
  • Strong preference to find efficiencies and implement process improvements
  • Highly motivated and independent worker
  • Willingness to learn
  • Enjoys working in a dynamic team environment
  • Self-starter with ability to prioritize/manage time, meet deadlines and problem solve
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Thoroughness and attention to detail


This role is designed for the person to enhance and improve processes and technology and to support Chatham s expanding global team of hedge accounting advisors. It is critical to the growth of a business that we find ways to optimize and scale. This is not a static operations role; it will be dynamic and a successful hire will sponsor and encourage change.

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