Kickbox Instructor

The Kennett Area YMCA is looking for an enthusiastic Kickbox Instructor.
High School Diploma/GED, 2 years experience
Must be able to conduct group exercise classes and provide assistance in a safe, enthusiastic, thorough, courteous and professional manner.
Must have Kickbox Instructor certification
Be a positive YMCA role model with an enthusiastic attitude.
Greet participants and learn their names.
Identify your participants' limitations and adapt your classes and/or provide modifications accordingly.
When necessary find an approved substitute for class and inform Lead Instructor of staffing changes.
Attend advanced training workshops that are offered throughout the year by the YMCA of Greater Brandywine (or other co-op member YMCA).
Fun, fast-paced work environment
Making a difference in someone's life everyday!
Free individual membership with completion of New Employee Orientation. Membership only valid with active employment

Don't Be Fooled

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